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The Healing Zone offers treatments for a wide range of clients: from athletes in training to people with chronic health issues as well as pregnant women to oncology patients and their caregivers or anyone seeking the stress relief offered by a quality massage.

Nanci strives to create a “healing zone”—a place where all who enter feel safe and comfortable with anyone on her team of therapists. Receiving the care and treatment they need to feel better. Nanci explains, “we listen to our clients very carefully to assure they receive exactly what they are looking for in a massage."

Many of our clients choose massage and bodywork to:

  • Reduce pain, fatigue, anxiety and stiffness
    "Nanci and Janice have given me support, hope, and relief that is nurturing. They listen and communicate with you to personalize your treatment. It is a great comfort to know I have a team to address my needs!"
    -Marie from Sunderland

  • Provide positive sensations, such as easing muscle tension, promoting relaxation and better sleep

  • Help relieve symptom distress of cancer treatments (pain, depression, nausea & lymphedema)
  • “Surgeons and oncologists treated my cancer, but it was Nanci who healed me. Nanci at The Healing Zone is not afraid of cancer, not the scars and not the physical and emotional precariousness. She took my body that had been sliced and sewn and poisoned with the toxins of chemo, and worked out the rigidity from weeks in bed and the stress of fear, and gave me an hour of pure peace. When I read the formal studies in prestigious medical journals that correlate metastasis with increased stress hormones, I realized that my massages at The Healing Zone were as important for my health as the surgery and chemo, and pleasurable to boot!”


  • Pain relief during pregnancy, labor and after childbirth

  • Learn at-home "tricks" with tennis balls so you can find relief from muscle spasms or tightness for use between massage treatments


We've moved!

we've moved!

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The frequency is entirely based on the individual's needs. Some clients come monthly for an hour of rest and relaxation. Some clients come weekly to address specific physical needs related to injury, pregnancy or illness.